The 5th Avenue Awards: Honoring High School Musical Theater

Welcome to our 14th year of The 5th Avenue Awards!

The 5th Avenue Awards honors outstanding achievement in high school musical theater and celebrates the hard work and dedication students and educators put forth to make their school productions a success. This program was created to shine the spotlight on musical theater similarly to the way sports are regularly celebrated in schools. 

What a celebration! The 2015-16 5th Avenue Awards:Honoring High School Musical Theater was celebrated June 6th at our ceremony at McCaw Hall! Click here to watch the ceremony on YouTube: The 14th Annual 5th Avenue Awards

Congratulations to all of the schools, students, teachers and parents who participated in the 2015-16 5th Avenue Awards - We look forward to seeing the amazing things you will do next year!

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The 5th Avenue Awards: Honoring High School Musical Theater is proudly sponsored by Wells Fargo with additional support from Alaska Airlines and The Boeing Company.


Adventure Musical Theater Touring Company

Musical Theater for Grades K-8
Since 1994, the Adventure Musical Theater Touring Company has brought the wonder and joy of live musical theater to students throughout Washington state. Adventure Musical Theater musicals engage students through storytelling, song, and dance. Our productions are created by local composers and writers and are designed to incorporate standards-based educational content.

You Provide the Place, We Provide the Magic
Our touring company brings all the necessary costumes, props and equipment. All you need to supply is a performance space measuring approximately 20' x 20'. We suggest that students sit on the floor directly in front of the performers for the best view.


About the Show

On May 16, 1864, the first eleven “Mercer Girls” reached the new city of Seattle. The women had been recruited by then University of Washington President Asa Shinn Mercer and sailed to the Puget Sound region from the East Coast to work as teachers in the Washington Territory. The people of Seattle were happy to welcome these highly educated women into their community while finding them new homes and jobs in schools. The women were full of hope and aspiration, but life in the new city was often difficult. 

Told primarily through the detailed journal entries of the eldest Mercer Girl, Mary Elizabeth "Lizzie" Ordway (who became the first public school teacher in the city), this original musical follows the journey of the Mercer Girls and their experiences in the fast growing town of Seattle.

Your students will travel on an unforgettable journey from Massachusetts to Washington during a time when the city of Seattle was new and hopes were high. Enjoy a lively, entertaining musical that tells the story of the women who became the teachers, wives, mothers and grandmothers of the founding families of the Puget Sound region.


About the Show

In 1855, young Charles Mitchell was brought to the tiny town of Olympia in Washington Territory as a slave in the household of Surveyor-General, James Tilton. Two years later, the U.S. Supreme Court's Dred Scott decision held that a man's property--his slaves--belonged to him wherever he traveled within the United States. While he yearned for freedom, 13 year old Charles Mitchell was not free.

Based on the book by Seattle historians Lorraine McConaghy and Judy Bentley, Free Boy tells the tale of his harrowing excape from Washington Territory in 1860. Hiding as a stowaway aboard a steamer bound for Victoria, British Columbia, his journey and the obstacles he faced along the way dramatize how Civil War era issues in the United States affected the West Coast. The war's battlefields were far away but the war's problems were right here in the Pacific Northwest.

Featuring engaging music and powerful lyrics, this brand new, original musical tells a little-known and important piece of the history of the Northwest. It is a story of hope, risk, perseverance and above all, the quest for freedom.

Tour Pricing

Maximum attendance is 300 students per performance. For a larger group of students, schools must book a double performance.

Prices include an accompanying curriculum guide.

  • Single performance in Western Washington    $699

  • Double performance in Western Washington  $849

  • Single performance outside Western Washington  $949

  • Double performance outside Western Washington  $1,199

Share the news
When your school and a neighboring school book on the same day, each school receives $100 off.

Book a performance for your school
Adventure Musical Theater productions are very popular and sell out every year. Please call us at 206- 625-1418 or email to book a performance.

In-class Workshops

In-class workshops are available to further engage students adn explore themes and concepts in depth. $100 per workshop.

Please give us your feedback
If your school has already seen an Adventure Musical Theater production, please take a few minutes to let us know what you thought. Your responses are valuable to the program and we appreciate your time in taking the survey. To complete the survey, click here.


School Performances

Bring your students to the 5th Avenue Theatre and discover the power of live theater!

Theater is a powerful tool to connect students to new concepts, history, and literature. Recent studies show increases in knowledge retention, tolerance, and empathy in students who attend live performances. The 5th Avenue Theatre invites you to extend your classroom to the stage and use musical theater as a means to inspire and invigorate your students. 

School performances include accompanying curriculum resources designed to help educators connect their students' theater experience to classroom objectives and learning standards.

In-class workshops are also available to further engage students and explore themes and concepts more deeply.

Rising Star Project: How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying

10 AM Friday, March 4, 2016

Book by: Abe Burrows, Jack Weinstock, and Wade Gilbert
Music and Lyrics by: Frank Loesser

About the show:
This Pulitzer Prize-winning musical is the hilarious story of a young window cleaner and his madcap quest for corporate takeover. While it is beloved for its inventive songs and its hilarious--sometimes absurd--portrait of 1960s corporate culture, it also continues to rouse new generations with its searing critique of big business.

Curriculum Connection: A hysterical and engaging gateway into the genre of social satire, presented by the amazing cast and staff of the Rising Star Project.

About the Rising Star Project:
The Rising Star Project is a tuition-free education program unlike any other in the country. Teenagers from across Washington State produce, perform, market and fundraise a musical on The 5th Avenue stage. They receive direct professional mentorship and build life skills they carry with them always, no matter what career they pursue.

Rising Star Project: How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying is recommended for grades 6-12*

*Some content may not be appropriate for all grades. Please check the Content Advisories for each show.

How to purchase tickets for your students:

  • Student Tickets to School Performances are $18 each (includes service fees).
  • Groups will receive one complimentary ticket for every 10 tickets purchased.
  • To purchase tickets contact Corporate & Group Sales Manager Chad Biesman at (206) 436-5798 or

Early Birds: Purchase tickets for your class before October 30, 2015 and receive 10% off your order.


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