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Austen’s Pride

Oct 4 – Oct 27, 2019

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Book, Music, and Lyrics by Lindsay Warren Baker and Amanda Jacobs
Directed by Igor Goldin
Choreographed by Lisa Shriver

October 4-27, 2019

Tickets for Austen's Pride are also available as part of a 2019/20 subscription or group.

An extraordinary new musical feast bound for the world’s stages! 

Jane Austen enters into her most famous love story and as she does, she begins to understand something about both her characters and herself as she explores this beautiful new world. This is a musical of beauty, wit, and wisdom, wrapped up in a journey of self-discovery. 

It’s Pride and Prejudice the way you have never before imagined. A story you will not soon forget, with an achingly beautiful score that will transport you to another time and place. 

Created here at The 5th Avenue Theatre!


Austen’s Pride

Performance Date

Austen’s Pride is a musical adaptation of Jane Austen’s classic novel Pride and Prejudice. A 36-year-old Jane looks back on a youthful unpublished romance (First Impressions); as she rewrites the tale (which was influenced by an early disappointment in love), she discovers some truths about herself and her characters.

Adult Language: None.

Violence/Scariness: None.

Drugs/Alcohol: A character in one scene is under the influence of alcohol.

Sexual References: As in Austen’s novel, a young girl leaves her family to elope with an older man.  In a seduction scene, she is carried into a bedroom by the man she expected would marry her; he is half drunk and tries to persuade her to let him “love you like a husband loves a wife.”  There is no nudity or explicit sex.


The 5th Avenue Theatre is thrilled to announce that Laura Michelle Kelly and Clifton Davis will lead the cast of Austen's Pride: A New Musical of Pride and Prejudice. Read more here.

Additional casting to be announced in September 2019.