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Oct 13 – Nov 5, 2017

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Book by Terrence McNally
Music by Stephen Flaherty
Lyrics by Lynn Ahrens
Based on the novel Ragtime by E.L. Doctorow
Directed by Peter Rothstein
Choreographed by Kelli Foster Warder
Produced in collaboration with Asolo Repertory Theatre

With scintillating music and an intensely compelling story of love at its core, Ragtime is a musical theater masterpiece that will inspire and touch your soul. It's the turn of the century; everything is changing. Set in the volatile melting pot of New York City, three distinct American stories are woven together: an upper-class wife, a determined Jewish immigrant and a daring young Harlem musician, all three united by their desire and belief in a brighter tomorrow. Featuring the richest and most glorious Tony Award®-winning score.

"This is big-brain, bold strokes musical theatre storytelling at its most vibrant" - Variety

"A triumph for the stage" - TIME Magazine

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Performance Date

Principal casting for Ragtime has been announced.

Full casting for Ragtime will be announced in September.

 Read this interview with Ragtime Director Peter Rothstein about his vision for this reimagined production.

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Set in the early twentieth century before World War I, Ragtime deals with the promises of the American dream and how they were fulfilled or denied for those already established in the United States, for those newly arrived as immigrants, and for those who were descendants of slaves. It follows the stories of three groups in New York: an African-American musician and the mother of his child in Harlem, an affluent upper-class family living in New Rochelle, and a Jewish father and daughter who have recently emigrated from Russia and settled in the Lower East Side. 

Recommended for ages 10 and up.


Adult Language:

The show’s language is very mild; “son of a bitch” is heard twice. There are a couple of “damns” two “goddamns,” and one “shit.”

Racial slurs are heard on several occasions, particularly when bigots confront Coalhouse Walker, calling him “some high-falutin n----r and his whore and whore’s baby.” A crowd at a baseball game calls out, “Take your head out of your ass!” or “Kill the kike!” or “Run, you polack!”


Sexual References:

The word “bastard” is several times applied to the child of Sarah and the musician, Coalhouse Walker. 



Tateh, the Russian immigrant father, attacks a man who offers him money in exchange for his daughter.

A character is blocked from driving his car down a street; when he goes for help, his car is destroyed.

When workers organize a strike, mill owners call out the militia; a woman is struck down and Tateh, who tried to help her, is knocked down by a man with a nightstick.

A woman approaches the vice president, who is campaigning for the presidency, to ask for his help, and is mistakenly thought to have a gun (President McKinley had been assassinated not long before); she is clubbed down and killed.

A character who fails to get justice from the police or the courts resorts to vigilantism; fire stations are torched, and three people are shot. Later a character is shot as he attempts to surrender (all of this takes place offstage: the shots are heard, but the action is not seen).


Alcohol/Drugs: None.


Mature Themes:

Ragtime deals with the hope, poverty, and despair of the immigrant experience, including the fetid, unhealthy tenements, the backbreaking work, the bad food, and the minuscule pay experienced by factory workers. The story also shows the consequences of racist violence resulting in both loss of property and life, and the refusal of legal authorities to help the victims find justice.