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The Rising Star Project

Mar 12 – Mar 14, 2015

The Rising Star Project is a unique 5th Avenue Theatre Education program that gives students the chance to experience what it is like to produce and perform a show on the 5th Avenue main stage. This year's production of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Carousel will be entirely student-performed and run by a student technical crew, who have been trained and mentored by a team of dedicated theater professionals. The students use the sets and costumes from the 5th Avenue production and recreate the show while learning the ins and outs of theater production at the professional level. The production is coordinated, marketed, developed and produced by a student administrative team with coaching from the 5th Avenue Theatre staff. The Rising Star Project is now in its fourth year with three entirely student-run productions successfully completed: Oklahoma (2012), The Music Man (2013), and Monty Python’s Spamalot (2014). Come and see what this talented team of students have created this year!


The Rising Star Project uses the resources and professional knowledge that exist at The 5th Avenue Theatre to help every young person achieve a fulfilling career, a stronger sense of self, and confidence in their ability to inspire positive change in the world.

Within this mission, we endeavor to:

  1. take a proactive role in creating  a theater community which is inclusive and representative of our region;
  2. provide students with direct mentorship from working theater professionals, introducing them to the diversity of viable careers in the theater industry;
  3. create a collaborative and authentic learning environment in regard to professional practices and expectations;
  4. connect students to American musicals not only as vehicles for self-expression, but also as significant artistic achievements, rich texts, and unique expressions of our nation’s history and heritage; and
  5. support classroom learning by providing quality arts-based education experiences for students—both at The 5th and in-residence throughout the community and in areas where opportunities for arts education are limited.

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Whether this is your first visit to The 5th Avenue Theatre or your 50th, we want to ensure that you enjoy every moment. If you have any questions about the theater accommodations or services, please call 206-625-1900 or e-mail

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Productions begin promptly, so please arrive at least 15 minutes early. Doors open 45 minutes before the show and seating begins 30 minutes before the curtain.

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Patrons arriving late will be seated at the first suitable pause in the performance in the least disruptive location. Following intermission, an usher will help you find your seat.


All performances will take place as scheduled, regardless of weather conditions.


The 5th Avenue Theatre welcomes children ages 4 and older.  Children under 4 years of age, including babes in arms, will not be admitted. 5th Avenue productions are generally suitable for ages 8 and above. Complimentary booster seats are available at the Coat Check.

Some shows deal with mature themes and may not be appropriate for all children. For information on whether a particular show is suitable for your child, please see the Parental Guidelines included for each show.

Emergency Contact

Please leave the following information with your sitter or service, so we can quickly locate you in the event of an emergency:

Theatre Coat Check phone:  206-625-1294
Your seat location: aisle, section, row, and seat number

Coat Check & Assistive Devices

Complimentary Coat Check is located in the lobby next to Aisle 3. You may check any item you don’t wish to carry into the theater. Booster seats and Braille playbills are available at no charge.  Binoculars may be rented for $5.00.

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Refreshments are available for purchase on both levels of the lobby before the performance and during intermission. Food and drinks, except for bottled soft drinks and water, are not permitted inside the auditorium.

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You may exchange your tickets, if you do so 24 hours or more prior to your scheduled performance date.  Subscribers may exchange tickets for free.  Single-ticket buyers are charged an exchange fee.  Please note:  Tickets are non-refundable.

You may also donate your tickets back to the non-profit  5th Avenue Theatre and receive a donation receipt for your income taxes. Please call 206.625.1900 prior to your performance  to arrange a ticket donation.

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We strongly discourage patrons from purchasing tickets through outside vendors. Tickets bought from scalpers, brokers or by other third-party means may be counterfeit or inadmissible, and they are often grossly overpriced. These purchases do not benefit the performers, producers or The 5th Avenue Theatre. Purchasing directly from the 5th Avenue Theatre is your best bet for best seats and best available prices.

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Smoking is not allowed in any part of the theater nor within 25 feet of the theater entrance.

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No firearms of any kind are allowed in any part of the theater.

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If you experience any discomfort during a performance, an usher or the House Manager will be glad to assist you.

Carousel is set in a small town on the New England coast in 1873.  It focuses on the tragic romance between Julie Jordan, a mill worker, and Billy Bigelow, a barker for a carousel at an amusement park; they fall in love and marry impulsively, though it costs them both their jobs.  Carousel, which has a haunting story and a magnificent score, was named by Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein as their favorite of all of their shows.

Curriculum resources for Carousel are available for download.

Sexual References:

The song “June is Bustin’ Out All Over” celebrates spring courtship rituals: Nettie observes that “all the rams that chase the ewe sheep/Are determined there’ll be new sheep/And the ewe sheep aren’t even keepin’ score!”  In addition, she sings, “From Pennobscot to Augusty/All the boys are feelin’ lusty,’ And the girls ain’t even puttin’ up a fight.”

It is implied that Billy has had a relationships with his former employer, Mrs. Mullin.  She tries to get Billy to come back to his job as a barker for her carousel; however, she only wants him if he agrees to leave Julie, and Billy says, “I know what you want.”


Billy threatens to hit Mrs. Mullin and threatens Carrie and Julie as well (for looking as if they are sorry for him).

After she and Billy are married, Julie confides in Carrie:
     Julie: Last Monday he hit me.
     Carrie: Did you hit him back?
     Julie: No.
     Carrie: Whyn’t you leave him?
     Julie: I don’t want to. Y’see, he’s unhappy ‘cause he ain’t workin’. That’s really why he hit me on Monday.
     Carrie: Fine reason fer hittin’ you.  Beats his wife ‘cause he ain’t workin’.

During the first act, a robbery goes wrong.  The intended victim disarms one of the robbers, who runs; he then pulls a gun on the other perpetrator, who stabs himself (onstage) to avoid surrendering to the police.

During the second act, a father argues with his daughter and then hits her.

Adult Language:

The language is very mild, consisting of a couple of “hells”, “damns,” and exclamations of “God!”


Billy suggests he and Julie go for a glass of beer.

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Download Carousel curriculum resources for educators


CALEB ADAMS (Carnival Boy) I'm excited to be performing with the Rising Star Project for my first production with The 5th Avenue Theatre. I have been dancing for four years with Dance Ensemble Northwest, and have also been in musical theater for ten years with Kitsap Children's Musical Theatre.

MAX BOONE (Male Teen Ensemble) is a 16 year old cast member attending Seattle Academy of Arts and Sciences, working on his first RSP show, and is thrilled to work with this incredibly talented group of young people!

EMILY BROOKS (Female Dance Ensemble) is a dancer and theatre kid making her RSP debut! Credits include Shrek: the Musical,  (Teen Fiona, Sugar Plum Fairy) Studio East,  Annie (Pepper) Lyric Light Opera, and ELF: The Musical, 5th Avenue.

TATE BUSBY (Male Singing Ensemble) is very excited to be participating in RSP: Carousel! Favorite past roles include, Donkey (Shrek the Musical) and Pippin (Pippin). Many thanks to Luke, Kevin, Lauren, Shileah, and his loving family.

JESSICA CALVIN (Female Singing Ensemble) “I love acting and singing and performance and I am grateful for this experience! I would like to thank Orlando for spreading the word of this opportunity to me and I want to thank God for blessing me with everything I have in my life! I have perviously been in Our Miss Brooks, Hairspray, and Aladdin." 

CURTIS DIXON (Male Singing Ensemble) "This is my very fisrt show. It is an amazing experience and I love it; from costumes to being on stage. I'm the only artsy person in my family and I started performing when I was 5 and have been at it since."

NOAH NIEVES DRIVER (Male Dance Ensemble) is honored to be in the Dance Ensemble of Carousel. With this being his first year at Rising Star Project, Noah is anxious and excited to take this journey and to be a part of such a talented cast. Past shows include Tom Robinson in To Kill A Mockingbird and Dance Ensemble in 42nd Street. 

OLIVIA ELLIOT (Female Dance Ensemble) is jubilant to be a part of RSP Carousel. This is her first year being involved in the RSP program. She would like to thank her family and friends for all of their support.

TYLER GOOD (Male Ensemble/Dancer)  is even more over the moon than Henri Fitzmaurice to be in RSP Carousel. Most recently he was seen in the Off-Broadway production of The Greatest Pirate Holiday Spectacular. Love to family and friends.

EDDRI’I GRANT (Female Singing Ensemble) “Singing is a big part of my life. My parents taught me how to sing ever since I was a little kid. I want to say thank you to God & my teacher, Mrs. Olsen, for giving me this opportunity and my big family for being by my side in this play. Thank you all.”

HENRI FITZMAURICE (Male Singing Ensemble) Henri is over the moon to be in his fourth RSP production! He likes spending time hiking and sailing in addition to Musical Theatre. Many thanks to Mat, Bill, and David. Thanks for Supporting the Arts!"

JARED FLUHRER (Male Dance Ensemble) is more than excited to have been cast in this year’s Rising Star Project. Jared would like to thank his family and friends for their endless support. Special thanks to Brenda and Jay.

DELANEY GUYER (Carrie Pipperidge)  is ecstatic to share the stage with so many amazing young artists. Favorite roles include Inga (Young Frankenstein), Fiona (Shrek the Musical), and Kim MacAfee (Birdie). Love and gratitude to the fam, and the incomparable Ann Evans.

SARA HANNAN (Female Dance Ensemble) is thrilled to make her 5th Ave debut with RSP: Carousel! She was most recently in Village Theatre Kidstage's Like You Like It and Children of Eden. Love to her family and incredibly supportive friends.

CARSON HASKELL (Enoch Snow) This is his first time working with The 5th and he couldn't be more excited. A very special thanks to Jay and Brenda, Daniel, and his family. He wouldn't be here without them. God bless!

SHAYE HODGINS (Julie Jordan) just about fell off her pony after hearing she was cast in Carousel! She enjoys Disneyland, Thai food, and Liz Lemon! It's a great show, you'll be mighty glad you came!

KEVIN KEOGH (David Bascombe) is ecstatic to be in the cast of RSP:Carousel! He has been a part of the tech crew for the past three RSP productions.​ Thanks to Mar, Amanda, Yusef, Paul, and Tate.

PIERCE LACKEY (Jigger )is thrilled to be apart of his first show on The 5th Avenue stage. He couldn't ask for better castmates to share this experience with him. He'd like to thank Brooklyn Dana and Michelle Goldman for getting him started in this crazy world of acting. Cheers!

CLOEY LANTRIP (Louise) is blessed to debut at 5th Avenue. Recent credits: White Christmas (Judy Haynes/choreographer), Grease (Frenchy/choreographer), Hairspray (Amber VonTussle). Thanks to Mom, Dad, Matthew, family, friends, and instructors for their support. Enjoy!

DAIJA LEVIAS (Female Teen Ensemble) is a lover of the arts. She was in Keys to Fame, dancing mostly in Hip Hop under Tyrone Crosby Special. Thanks to Mom and Dad for believing in me and my dreams. 

EMILY LOCKE (Teen Ensemble) is delighted to be making her RSP debut! Love and thanks to family, friends, and her wonderful mentors at Lakeside School for their unfailing support and encouragement. Enjoy the show!

ADRIAN LOCKHART (Starkeeper) attends Seattle Christian School. Before this, Lockhart was in a Seattle Children’s Theatre Production’s Hairspray, staring as “Seaweed” J. Stubbs. Lockhart plans to carry out his career in acting in hopes of taking his talents to films/movies. Lockhart shows his appreciation to Orlando and others for helping him become a better actor. 

MARIAH LOTZ  (Female Dance Ensemble) Credits include Music Man (Zaneeta) and Spamalot with RSP, and Side Show (Daisy) and Shrek (Gingy/Sugarplum Fairy - 5th Ave Award winner) at EHK-12. Hugs and thanks to The 5th, Shileah, family, Attie and Alia.

MIA LUNA (Female Singing Ensemble)  “I have loved acting and singing since I was 6 years old. I’ve played roles in shows like Hairspray, Seuscicle, and Frog & Toad. I was so excited to have this opportunity. I would like to thank Orlando for telling me about RSP and my mom and brother for putting up with me and coming to see all of my shows. I hope you enjoy the show!”

SARAH MATHER (Nettie Fowler) is so excited to be back at The 5th after participating last year in RSP Spamalot! Sarah has been seen in many shows at Ovation Musical Theater Bainbridge including Peter Pan, Evita and Les Miserables.

KRISNA MAZARIEGOS (As Cast)  First off, I'm so glad to have the opportunity to be able to work with such a talented cast! I love theater because it's instinctive. "Story-truth is truer sometimes than happening truth." -TTTC

TRENT MOURY (Billy Bigelow) is thrilled to be joining this incredible cast for Carousel. Recent credits include Bernstein in Dogfight (ArtsWest), Cain/Japheth in Children of Eden (Village Kidstage), and Sir Robin in Spamalot (RSP 5th Ave).

DANIEL NGUYEN (Male Singing Ensemble)  is a screen actor who has appeared on Man In The Castle, Microsoft commercials and several local short films. He excited to become a stronger stage actor and a better sleeper.

ERICH SCHLECK (Male Ensemble Singer/Dancer) RSP Debut! Thrilled to return to the 5th stage after A Christmas Story 2010 (OCR). Favorite credits: Carrie (Balagan), Once…Island, Children of Eden, Bang Bang You’re Dead, Snowflake Lane at the Bellevue Collection. For Shaye.

BLAYNE SHAMARIN (Male Teen Ensemble/ Enoch Snow Jr.)  is psyched to be a part of RSP. He loves musical theatre, and has performed in Bye Bye Birdie (Conrad Birdie), Shrek (Donkey,) and Grease (Danny Zuko). He hopes you enjoy the show!

TYLER SORENSEN (Male Dance Ensemble) is thrilled to be returning to The 5th Avenue Theatre! Previous 5th Avenue shows include The Music Man, RSP: The Music Man, and RSP: Spamalot. Love to friends and family!

MACKENZIE TAYLOR (Female Ensemble/Singer) is delighted to perform at The 5th Ave!  Favorite roles include “Betty”, White Christmas (A.C. Davis High School) and “Anne”, Anne of Green Gables (Warehouse Theatre).  Love to friends and family for their support!  

OLIVIA WEBER (Female Singing Ensemble) is thrilled to be in her first RSP and second show at The 5th! You may have seen her as Olive Ostrovsky in Spelling Bee at Core Theatrics. Love to the cast, production team, her family and friends for all their support.

BRANDON WEGLIN (Male Teen Ensemble) is beyond thrilled to be back on The 5th Avenue stage. Recent credits include: Hairspray (SCT), The Little Mermaid (Village) and 42nd Street (Hi-Liners). Much love to cast, crew, family, and friends.

LYDIA WEIR (Female Dance/Singing Ensemble) is delighted to be involved in RSP: Carousel. She was last seen as Reno Sweeney in Anything Goes (VT KIDSTAGE) and in RSP: Spamalot (5th Ave). Love and thanks to her cast and crew.

ANDRE WELLENS (Male Dance Ensemble) has danced ballet at PNB, Cornish, LINES Ballet, Ellison Ballet, Kirov, and will be at Bolshoi Ballet Academy summer 2015. Performances include The Nutcracker at PNB and Cornish.  This is his first musical.

SHELBY WILLIS (Female Dancing Ensemble) is thrilled to be participating in her first Rising Star Project. She was recently in In the Heights over at Village Theatre Mainstage. Shelby would like to thank her family and friends for their support. Enjoy the show!

AVA YAGHMAIE (Mrs. Mullin) is so very honored and thrilled to be a part of her first Rising Star Project production at the 5th Avenue Theatre! She's unbelievably excited to share this experience with such a wonderful group of people. Much love to her family & thank you to all for supporting the arts!



LÉO  DAGE (Viola)  attends Interlake High School and currently studies viola under Joseph Gottesman. He recently performed in the WMEA All-State Orchestra. In his spare time, Léo enjoys fencing and his school’s robotics club.

NEIL DITTMAN (Oboe) Neil is a senior at Glacier Peak High School, and this is his first time participating in RSP. He wishes to thank his family and his teacher, Brent Hages for providing him with this opportunity.

SAMANTHA EPP (Bassoon) is a junior at Glacier Peak High School and has played bassoon for four years. She also performs with the Seattle Junior Symphony Orchestra and the Cascade Youth Symphony Orchestra.

KAMALANI FIELDER (Violin) 15, is thrilled to be playing violin in the orchestra of the RSP Carousel. She has been playing violin for ten years, and she hopes to continue at The 5th in the future.

EMMA HASSELBACH (Violin Concert Mistress) is thrilled to wear two hats this year. She works on both the RSP Marketing Team and in the pit orchestra of this tempestuous production. She enjoys large amounts of coffee and is horrible at writing about herself.

EMILY KRAYNAK (Flute)  has been playing flute for four years and this is her first RSP production. She loves playing in the marching band at Eastlake High School.

SOPHIA LIMACHER (Viola) is a sophomore at Lakeside School, studies viola with Betty Agent and plays in the Seattle Conservatory of Music chamber music program. She is excited to be playing in Carousel, her first show.

ELISE MACKLEY (Violin) is a member of the Garfield Concert Orchestra and has been a violinist for 10 years. She knows that playing an instrument is constantly a learning process, but it has been so rewarding.

WILLIAM RONNEBURG (Trombone) has been playing trombone for over five years now. William studies with Jen Hinkle, the bass trombonist for The 5th Avenue Theatre. He enjoys playing trombone with the Seattle youth symphony orchestras. 

RYAN SAATHOFF (French Horn) has been playing French Horn for six years, and this year was selected to the All Northwest Symphony Orchestra. He is excited for his first production with the Rising Star Project.

BEN SAWREY (Keyboard) Ben is honored to debut with RSP! A junior at Kentridge; he has studied piano for 9 years. He recently won first place in the Green River piano contest and heads to state in April. He thanks his family and teachers for their support.



SHALEN BOWEN (Flyman) is just another happy soul living in the PNW. Bitten by the theater bug. Live and breathe music and trying to spread love all around the world.

SOPHIE BURNETT (Spot Operator) is excited to be working on the Rising Star Project: Carousel. Sophie has worked backstage at her school and is happy to be working backstage again.

LUKE BUSBY (Automation Operator) is thrilled to work in automations and be in the Project for his first time. Credits at his previous school, Edmonds Heights: Shrek (5th Ave stage crew nomination) and Pippin (5th Ave overall musical winner).

OWEN CRANDALL (Flyman) This is my fourth time being in the Rising Star Project and I’m very excited to be back. This year I have a pretty tight schedule, so I’m taking some time off from swinging from the rooftops and fighting crime to be a part of the Project again.

KATHERINE GRAMBIHLER (Deck Electrician) is excited to be a part of the stage crew for RSP Carousel! Tech credits include: Willy Wonka Jr. (SM) and The Little Mermaid Jr. (Prop Master). Thanks to Mom, Dad, and Kenn.

EMILY HALLADAY (Costume/Wardrobe) is thrilled to represent Charles Wright Academy in this year’s production of RSP Carousel. She has been working in theater since she was a child and she loves the experience.

MEGAN HASTIE (Sound) is thrilled to finally be on the tech side of theatre! She played keyboard for RSP: Spamalot and plans to study musical theatre and sound production in college. DFTBA!

EMMA MUNNICHS (Props) is an eighteen year old exchange student from the Netherlands, living in Monroe. She is very excited to be working on props as her first backstage job ever!

AUSTIN OLSON  (Spot Operator) is thrilled to be a part of the Rising Star Project: Carousel. Austin enjoys filmmaking, writing, and improv. He is currently working on producing his own show at the Pocket Theatre in Greenwood.

ELSE-ROSE RATZIFF  (Costume/Wardrobe) is so excited to be part of RSP for the first time! She is a sophomore at SAAS and loves all things musical theater. She hopes you enjoy the show as much as she does!

JORDAN ROCHE (Hair & Makeup)  is currently involved in drama and choir at Monroe High School. She’s excited to be back at the 5th Avenue Theater for her second time on the RSP hair and makeup team.

ISABELLE SMITH (Costume/Wardrobe)  is a junior at EHK12. Carousel is her third musical 5th Avenue’s RSP. She was last seen in Pippin, and she loves theatre. Love to Mom, Dad, friends, and Shileah!

NATALIE SMITH (Props) Carousel marks Natalie’s first time in the RSP at the 5th Avenue Theatre. She last participated as Assistant Stage Manager in the EHK12 production of Frog & Toad. She loves everything about theatre and sends love to Mom and Dad!

MARIELLE STOCKTON (Hair & Makeup) was recently seen as the witch in Into the Woods and Judas Iscariot in Godspell in her hometown, Everett. She aspires to become a wig master. Thank you to my father, for all his love.

ZOE WRIGHT (Sound) is a Senior in Running Start at Olympic College. She plans to transfer to a four year university in the fall, to study Anthropology, Communication, and Biology. Her passions are writing and theater.

AMELIA ROSETO (Costume/Wardrobe)  "I go to Roosevelt High School and I started costuming this year. I have fallen in love with working through different time periods and plays."

KATHRYN SEVERSON (Props)  is thrilled to be part of the project for her their year. She wants to with everyone in the cast and crew to break a leg and extend a thank you to Spencer, Cody, her parents, and Shileah for their love and support. 

MIRANDA QUINTILLA (Costume/Wardrobe) is 19 years old. This is her second and last Rising Star Project. She is currently attending Everett Community College and is hoping to go to Western in the fall.

MAUSAUN ODOM (Deck Carpenter) goes to Clevland High School and has a passion for musical theater. This is his first experience but he is sure you will see him again.

MACE'SIERA ODOM-SINGLETARY (Costume/Wardrobe) "I have a love for fashion, that is why wardrobe is the perfect place for me. This is my first experience in the theater, but it won't be my last. Look out for me."

MADY GRIFFIN (Costume/Wardrobe) is 18 and this is her third Rising Star Project. She will graduate from Edmonds Heights K-12 in May and plans on attending Seattle Pacific University next fall.




RACHEL ANDRES (Development) is thrilled to be a part of RSP for the first time! She is currently a senior at University Prep and outside of school you can find her singing on stage with Vocalpoint: Seattle.

CARLISLE BOYLE (Producing) is incredibly honored to be a Producer again this year. She has been involved with musical theatre for the past eight years.  Recent experience includes: RSP: Monty Python's Spamalot (Producing Team), RSP: The Music Man (Technical Crew), and numerous Stage Management and Technical Crew positions at Redmond High School.  Much love to the Producing Team and heartfelt thanks to the 5th Avenue for this invaluable opportunity!

KAITLYN BREWER (Producing) This is Kaitlyn's third show as a member of the Producing Team for the Rising Star Project and she has loved every moment of getting to work at The 5th Avenue Theatre.

ADDY DAVIES (Stage Management) considers herself fortunate to be breathing the same air as the talented individuals involved in this show. When not behind the scenes, you may have seen her in SCT’s Spamalot or OBT’s Nutcracker.

EMMA HASSELBACH (Marketing) is thrilled to wear two hats this year. She works on both the RSP Marketing Team and in the pit orchestra of this tempestuous production. She enjoys large amounts of coffee and is horrible at writing about herself.

EMMA HUNT (Development) is thrilled to be back on the devo team for her second year of RSP! She is so thankful to participate in the Project with such fantastic students, especially her devo teammates Rachel and Dalia. Love to M, D and L.

MARISA MESSINA (Producing) is honored to be a member of the producing team for the Rising Star Project: Carousel. Though theatre has been her passion for many years this is her first year with RSP. She is beyond grateful to her 5th Avenue mentors for teaching her the ins and outs of producing a great show. Special thanks to her parents, her producing team members: Kaitlyn, Carlisle, and Steven, the lovely Lauren, and the all the amazing professionals at the 5th for making RSP a unique, life changing experience!

STEVEN ORTIZ (Directing/Producing) I am very excited to be a part of the Rising Star Project. I have been involved in multiple productions, and have directed many. I own the local non-profit Ludus Youth Theatre Group. Theatre is my passion, and I am so grateful to have gotten this opportunity!

NOAH SARKOWSKY (Stage Management) Noah Sarkowsky is a 10th Grader at Seattle Academy of Arts and Sciences. He has worked on numerous shows at SAAS, 5th Avenue and, Seattle Children’s Theatre.  Noah is excited to return to RSP.

DALIA WELLENS (Development) Dalia is a senior at Seattle Academy and is very excited to be a part of RSP. She has participated in multiple school productions, but has always been interested in what it takes to produce a show.

LAUREN WOLBAUM (Marketing) is thrilled to be returning to RSP this year! She is a freshman at Seattle Pacific University and is currently pursuing a degree in Business Marketing. Big thanks to partner-in-crime Emma, and all of the beautiful people in the 5th’s Marketing and PR Department.

ERIK ORTIZ (Stage Management) Bio to come.

OLIVIA STRATTON (Documentary Production Liaison) is a student at Sky Valley Education Center and Bellevue College. She has been involved in film since middle school and is excited to be interning on a professional set. She enjoyed being a part of the Rising Star Project: Music Man and would like to thank The 5th for giving her these opportunities.

KLEO CHRISAFIS (Stage Management) is so happy to be involved with RSP again for the 2nd year. A big thanks to our wonderful mentors and The 5th Avenue Theatre for this wonderful oppertunity.